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Experiencing History Today

Tucked between Verona and Lake Garda, the small municipality of Pastrengo is home to a very special corner of the world offering you the exciting experience of a stay in a true Veneto Villa.


The magic of silence. The exclusivity of a unique place immersed in history, art and beauty: Villa Padovani. This Villa, owned by the Padovani family, conserves the historical Corte dei Frati which over the centuries has alternated between a place of defence, a place of peace and spirituality and a place of family ransoms.


So much history has been seen by these walls which today wait to embrace you and write even more history: that of your enjoyable stay here.


Discover the enchantment of refined luxury. Experience the elegance of such a timeless place.

The heart and soul of hospitality

A large courtyard surrounded by nature on the outside. An atmosphere of convivial and intimate peace inside. The architecture of the historical building reflects the Padovani family’s sense of warm hospitality. Which is exactly what you can find here


Which is exactly what you can find here. Space and silence, intimacy and warmth, history and comfort, furnishings of prestige and sober elegance. Because for us, true wealth is time for ourselves. And lots of time has passed through Villa Padovani, and much more is yet to pass. But what is most dear to our heart is the time that you will spend here, alone or with loved ones. We are proud and pleased to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to ensuring our guests spend their time here in the best way possible.


We like to think of hospitality in its original interpretation: to keep safe. And here, where so much history and so many events are preserved within these walls, we will take it upon ourselves to look after your time.


As it is the most precious of all possessions.

Our suites

Staying in our prestigious suites means immersing yourself in centuries of art, history and architecture. The histories of families, spirituality, wars and succession. Almost all of the rooms in the manor house are richly decorated with fortunately well-preserved murals recalling Veronese tradition.


The decorative art extends also to the majesty of the doors which have been finely decorated to look like splayed marble frames. From the Middle Ages to the present day, the centuries are represented through the furnishings guaranteeing your stay will be simply unforgettable.

Conditioned air

Heated outdoor swimming pool


Flat screen TV

Honesty bar



Minimum age 14 years old

Services most appreciated by our guests

Parking area


Free minibar and Honesty bar 24h


How to find us

Villa Padovani is in the municipality of Pastrengo very near to Bardolino and Lake Garda and easily reached from Verona.


It’s unique location ensures a relaxed stay immersed in green landscapes while allowing you quick access by car to all the main attractions and many events and sporting activities this region has to offer.

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Guests of Villa Padovani have free access to the spa of the Boffenigo Panorama & Experience Hotel, a splendid resort immersed in nature, located in Costermano sul Garda and also owned by the Padovani Family.


The Boffenigo Panorama & Experience Hotel also makes available its extraordinary high quality restaurant and exclusive bedrooms to guests of Villa Padovani.


For further information, please visit the Boffenigo Panorama & Experience Hotel.