Business events


Business events surrounded by green nature

You can organise small business events in our meeting room, an alternative to the usual city-centre venues.

Here distractions disappear, leaving space for greater calm and concentration. As you know, working in welcoming and pleasant surroundings increases receptivity and improves the experience of all concerned.

The room has capacity for 30 people, and the furnishings are movable, so you can choose the layout that’s most appropriate for the type of meeting you’re planning.
We can provide the classic stage or lecture theatre setup, or a U-shaped arrangement. We recommend the former if you’re expecting a large audience, because they optimise the space and take full advantage of the room’s capacity. But if you’re planning a smaller gathering, we suggest the U-shaped setup, which gives a more intimate mood and encourages interaction. Call us for more information and to book the room for your desired date.

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