Spa and pools


The all-enveloping water that purifies

One of the most distinctive elements of this delightful villa is water, caressing the skin and the emotions as you sink into its embrace.

Here, what would usually be a simple dip is transformed into a reinvigorating experience that can soothe, tone and oxygenise the body. An all-round wellness experience for body and mind; both are set free from any form of tension.

Our spa is faithful to its name: in Latin, salus per aquam means health through water, and its benefits for the body and mind are numerous. You can experience this in our indoor pool (closed from 01/06 to 30/09): the sparkling water shines under the arc of our walls, softly lit for your moments of pure relaxation.

If you prefer something more stimulating, you can immerse yourself in the nearby jacuzzi tub, where the warm bubbles will tickle and intoxicate your body.

Here you’re at centre stage. An opportunity to listen to your body, find your own rhythm and treat yourself to what you’ve always needed.

In addition to the jacuzzi, you can try our sauna and hammam, which will help you gain even more wellness and tranquility. Take all the time you need to fully enjoy them, then relax in our relaxation area, where there are beds for reclining in a serene atmosphere. And if you like yoga, you can use our special room for your practice.

In our spa there’s also a small beauty centre where you can book a massage or another beauty treatment for face or body HERE.

On sunny days you can enjoy our water outside too, in the heated pool with jacuzzi set in our lush garden, inside the original walls of the villa.

Our guests say it’s a little corner of paradise: here you can enjoy the caress of sun and water, read a book or simply relax in the shade while contemplating the beautiful trees.

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